Let’s bridge Dynamics AX and Microsoft Power Platform – and start building any cloud applications and services with FAU ERP Connector

Are you looking for a way to connect Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Power Platform? Look no further than FAU ERP Connector. 

This innovative application makes it easy to bridge the gap between these two powerful systems and build any cloud service you can imagine.

“We were able to use Power Apps with data from AX 2012. We chose the solution because it was smart and easy to implement. Now we have the ability to create Power Apps for things that would have otherwise cost a lot of money to code in AX 2012, and we also use it to create integrations with other systems in the cloud.” 

Martin Kirkegaard Frahm – IT Operations Manager, DBI Plastics A/S


The benefits of connecting Dynamics AX to Power Platform

With FAU ERP Connector, you can easily connect Dynamics AX to Power Platform, giving you access to a wealth of data and functionality:


    Dynamics AX is a world class ERP system. All its’ build-in business logic and your own invested enterprise specific business logic are accessible for the Power Platform through FAU ERP Connector.


    You can add more value to your existing data and use it in solutions outside Dynamics AX or even in remote IT solutions.


    Power Platform is a leading platform for building and hosting mobile solutions, workflows and automation. With FAU ERP Connector, these functions are accessible with your Dynamics AX.

    Build cloud services and transform your business

    But FAU ERP Connector isn’t just about connecting two systems – it’s about empowering you to build cloud services that can transform your business. With this tool, you can create custom solutions that meet your specific needs, such as:


      Warehouse Management solutions hosted on iOS or Android devices.


      Automation of customer credit approvals handling the approval process from request to approved/rejected. 


      Proof of Delivery apps


      Replacing Dynamics Enterprise portals with Power Apps


      Scheduled integrations to external systems.

      The possibilities are endless, and with FAU ERP Connector, you have the power to make your ideas a reality.

        FAU ERP Connector is easy to set up and offers tons of features

        One of the key benefits of FAU ERP Connector is its ease of use for experienced IT professionals and programmers. And if you need any kind of support, we’re here to help – Please visit our support page – click here! 

        But it’s not just the technical aspects of FAU ERP Connector that make it a valuable tool for companies that want full-scale digitization of their business. 

        FAU ERP Connector also offers a range of advanced features and capabilities:


          Service endpoints are built and maintained in Dynamics AX.


          New endpoints (like a new Inventory- or Sales API) are added dynamically to the existing infrastructure – quick and easy!


          Monitor incoming service requests and responses from your Dynamics AX.


          Debug and trace incoming requests.

          With all of these features at your fingertips, you’ll have everything you need to take your Dynamics AX and Power Platform integration to the next level.

            Start building today

            So if you’re looking to bridge the gap between Dynamics AX and Power Platform, and start building cloud applications and services that can drive your business forward, give FAU ERP Connector a try. It’s the perfect tool to connect these two powerful systems and take your business to the next level. 

            With its ease of use, flexibility, and advanced features, FAU ERP Connector is a must-have for any organization looking to get the most out of their Dynamics AX and Power Platform investment.

            Request your free trial and start building cloud services using Microsoft Dynamics AX and Power Platform

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