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           Need help creating cloud services with Dynamic AX? Or maybe you just need to know your true potential with Dynamic AX? We can support you all the way.

           Behind the code of FAU Applications you will find true craftsmanship. We are niche-driven IT architects in and around the Microsoft Power Platform. We are deeply committed to delivering great IT tools that matter to the people who have them in hand every day.

           IT solutions must make sense for the individual company’s business and your greatest asset, your employees. This is our approach to The FAU ERP Connector. Providing full ownership of Microsoft Power Platform with Dynamics AX. And if you upgrade to Dynamic 365 FO at some point, everything is still running smoothly and right out of the box.


How can we help you? Send us a few lines about your project.

Need help or support?

With any great software comes outstanding service and support. With FAU Applications, you decide which service you need – please select:

Full support comes with any FAU Application

If something isn’t working as it should and is caused by our apps, we’d love to hear from you, and do our very best to keep you in progress.

Need support with your integration or architecture: 
pay per use

Data shows that it’s fairer and cheaper to pay for your support when you need it, rather than paying for a service you never need.

Challenges rarely arise in our app but in the integration and architecture itself. This is our field of expertise, and we are known for quickly and efficiently making durable solutions.

We cost 145 EURO/HOUR and we usually make a time estimate upfront. 

Do you need a wingman

We work closely with companies that don’t see the need for huge ERP platform updates, money investments, and ditto changes in their workflows, draining all other resources in the house.

With a FAU partnership we take care of the whole process, in collaboration with you and to the extent you need.

It gives you the optimal options for a full-scale digitization with your good old Dynamic AX.

If you would like to see how it works, we need to meet. Let’s book a meeting. Its online and it’s free.

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